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HE was the coolest dude on campus. And SHE was the cute girl that wouldn’t give anybody any play. At least thats what they said. HE on the other hand described her as “predictably unpredictable”. Whatever the case, in the 90s, on the illustrious grounds of Loyola Marymount University, a friendship was formed. And almost everyday, along with a host of others, she found herself in his dorm room as he spinned the latest beats and talks of the revolution and debates about the greatest Hip-Hop MC ensued.

They were 19 and like all 19 year olds, they knew everything.

HE would spend the next few decades in production, forming alliances and earning a reputation as a man of integrity who knew his stuff. SHE would spend the next few decades in front of the camera, honing her skills as a writer/content creator and earning a reputation of creative excellence. They hadn’t talked much since college but now in their second act, each ready to define themselves in the industry in a different way, SHE reached out to him about a project and just like that...magic formed.


THEY were back at it again, dreaming dreams and creating ideas. But this time, they decided the revolution would be televised. And not just televised but streamed and cultivated

for cinema.

And they are gonna make damn sure of it!

“Can the real Gen-Xers  

please stand up!"

- Erin Wiley Sands

I’m ready to see a coming of age story for people who are in their second act of life. I want to see a romance that features the excitement and sexiness of love AFTER your twenties and thirties. I’m tired of the “under 40” lists. Show me the journey of someone 45 and over, who after losing everything, had the courage to reimagine success, and achieved it on their own terms. At 50 Rocks Entertainment we think outside of the box. We are creating content like Apple created the iPod. You didn’t know you needed it until it was given to you but after you received it you wonder how you ever lived without it. There is no shortage of good ideas, theres just a shortage of innovative ideas. 50 Rocks Entertainment fills that void.

50 Rocks 4.JPG

“I want to create morally entertaining content that addresses the issue of the day”

- Germond Byars aka DJG Bangs

As the majority of Gen-X’ers reach their 50’s, they’ve become the barometric bridge between 20th and 21st centuries regarding ideology and social norms. 50 Rocks Entertainment is creating compelling content that connects the generation before.. and after the “X! Real, relatable and raw, 50 Rocks Entertainment socially centers itself to create relevant content that can’t be missed!

50 Rocks Slate of Shows

50 Rocks Entertainment is the collaboration of

Erin Wiley Sands and Germond Byars.

We create content that showcases the diversity of the human spirit. Our goal is to: Entertain, Inspire, Engage and Inform.

In short, we cultivate content that we want to see

and what we believe America and a global audience

have been waiting for.


You want to work with us?

                                 50 Rocks Entertainment

We produce and develop content for television streaming and multimedia.

After you submit your content, we asses it to determine if it is a good fit for our company.


If we determine it is good fit, we then decide what tier your project falls under. 

We have a 3 Tier Development Process.

All negotiations are subject to mutual approval and a signed contract agreement.

Why Roll With Us?

We mad cool like that.

We are gifted, knowledgeable and have a strict no B.S policy.

Great Ideas. Great Representation. Great Gain

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