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The Dunes

Who has God created you to be and do? What's holding you back from getting there? The Dunes is an immersive faith-based journey of revelations, inspiration, breakthroughs, and transformation. Part allegory, and part journal, The Dunes helps readers explore issues of Fear, Commitment, Forgiveness, Trust, Perseverance, Surrender, and Gratitude.

The Dunes journey is for those ready to step out of their comfort zone, examine the issues holding them back, and OVERCOME THEM. Each chapter takes you through an allegorical story of The One and The Other, both wavering and flawed as they attempt to trust God to fulfill their greatest hopes. In addition, each chapter contains an inspirational narrative, journal questions, and a challenge for the reader. The journal questions usher you into a time of self-reflection and growth, followed by the end of the chapter challenge to help you solidify your new beginning with action. 

CAUTION: Readers of this book are subject to significant changes for the better. Side effects may include frequent smiling and enjoying life in every season. 

Available in Paperback, as an eBook

or as an Audiobook

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                            A Faith-Based Book and Journal for Personal Growth!

   A transformational journey exploring issues of: Fear, Forgiveness, Commitment, Trust, Perseverance, Surrender and Gratitude.

    The Dunes Online Plan 
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Interview with the Author of The Dunes


Readers share how The Dunes inspired them to

embrace the freedom of forgiveness, live completely in the moment 

and appreciate life in a whole new way.

Sherea’s Story: From Fear to FAITH
Celeste’s Story: From Doubt to DETERMINATION


'"The Dunes' made me really think about my life journey! It is thought provoking and compelling all at the same time! I enjoyed the personal journey of Erin Sands. Her sharing her life put the whole message in perspective for me! Great read!" 

-Cheri A

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