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The Unopened Present

3 Ways To Ensure You Are FULLY PRESENT This Holiday Season

Have you noticed how challenging it's becoming to be fully present in the present?

We are constantly distracted by an inundation of information. When we watch the news, newer news is delivered to us simultaneously beneath the picture on a crawl. Our smartphones constantly barter for our attention when we are with family, friends, or at work. Advertisers trace our online movements to interrupt our chosen content with targeted marketing.

In fact, go into any store, and you will find an ad campaign urging you to focus on a future that has yet to arrive. Last summer, I walked into my local CVS and was greeted by an array of items for sale commemorating the upcoming holiday season, which at that time was more than 4 months away.

And now that the Christmas season is upon us, we not only have to juggle the increasing stream of outside information vying for our focus. We must also contend with the marketing and commercialization that attempts to divert our attention from the real reason we celebrate Christmas. While navigating any anxiety, stress, and melancholy the holidays can sometimes bring.

Look, I don't mean to sound melodramatic. But we live in an era and culture constantly robbing us of the only thing that truly exists: the present. And though the holiday's busyness, commercialism, and familial complexities often work to keep us distracted. There are THREE CHOICES we can make to ensure we are Fully Present for the greatest gift of this holiday season.

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