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A Country Defiled

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The closest any rebel carrying a Confederate flag ever came to the Capitol was about 6 miles, during the Battle of Fort Stevens on July 11 and 12, 1864.

That was of course until the insurrection mounted by president Donald J. Trump, which, 157 years later, successfully put a symbol of hate, treachery and treason in the most recognized symbol of democratic government in the world, the United States Capitol.

It's kind of ironic isn't it...that in 1864 when slavery was legal, our government wouldn't let that symbol get near the Capitol. But in the year 2021, under the direction of the most vile president in the history of these United States, thugs willfully and with wanton hubris, descended upon our Capitol, wearing Nazi symbols and carrying confederate flags; proceeded to defile that space while taking selfies and breaking into congressional office spaces.

Remind me again evangelicals, of that part in the bible where it says to exalt men who cause chaos and murder because of their lust for power. Please show me the part where it says to champion leaders who consort with men of violence, who believe that Jews should be burned and African Americans should be enslaved. I've looked everywhere from Genesis to Revelations but I can't seem to find it.....

Tell me again Trump supporters, about how Trump puts country first. Because I'm certain you mean some country other than the one whose democracy he tried to overthrow and whose people he lied to repeatedly while leading them into heinous acts of domestic terror for his own benefit. I have a globe so I'm curious as to exactly what country he is making great again. It's a big planet but a small world, I anxiously await your reply.

Because from where I see it, this is the most malfiscient show of privilege and narcissism that I have ever seen. America didn’t tell Donald Trump you can’t be rich and live in a mansion anymore. America didn’t tell Donald Trump you have to suffer through some horrific illness. America didn’t tell Donald Trump he couldn’t have healthcare for the rest of his life. America didn't tell Donald Trump that he had to lose a loved one from a preventable virus, and know that they died in a hospital all alone. America simply said, for the next 4 years you can’t have this job anymore. And he attempted to DESTROY our country and our lives over it.

The day of justifications and equivocations for the malice of Donald Trump is over. History now speaks, and it says of him what it has said of the autocratic fascists before him. The glory you sought is now shrouded in infamy, your crimes will forever be synonymous with your name. Your failure, will now be your legacy, for though you succeeded for a time, the GOOD in humanity, as God promised, OVERCAME you.

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