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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Race has never been inconsequential in this country. In fact, it has been and continues to be a cause of great consequence for Americans of African descent.

Once again…following the again before this, and the again that happened after that, and the hundreds and thousands of AGAINS that keep leading us to another AGAIN. We see that ignorance, fear, propaganda, and hate have had their say.

And AGAIN evil has used black bodies as its target.

So what will they say of these things?

They will AGAIN say that guns are not the problem.

Though a quick Google fact search shows that countries with reasonable gun laws and no dead citizens sprawled across the floors of their grocery stores tell a different story.

Cable News outlets will AGAIN pretend that their relentless peddling of poisonous race replacement LIES and victimization propaganda to inspire outrage, fear, hate, and ignorance has nothing to do with a man who, in an act of outrage, fear, hate, and ignorance, CHOSE TO TARGET BLACK PEOPLE because he did not want the white race "replaced."

AGAIN they will say that we need to come together as a country. But in contrast, do NOTHING to facilitate anything close to that.

WHY??? Because there is a financial benefit to spreading division and outrage in America via cable news outlets. There is monetary gain to pretending opinions are facts and the "OTHER SIDE" is evil. There is a financial benefit to misinformation, disinformation, inflaming an issue, and gross embellishment. FOX News is GUILTY, MSNBC is GUILTY, CNN is GUILTY.

African Americans built this country with our blood, sweat, and tears. We have overcome enslavement, Jim Crow, redlining, white nationalist terrorism, segregation, injustice in every manner imaginable, systemic racism, and a biased criminal justice system.

We have overcome evil by ascending to the highest forms of government, military, science, business, entertainment, and sports. Yet here we are in the 21st Century, still being murdered for looking at a house, going to church, sleeping in our beds, walking home at night, playing in the park, sitting in a car, standing outside a convenience store, or going to a grocery store. All because we dared to do so clothed in beautiful black skin.

I don't know how to stop that, but I know what CAN CHANGE.

It's time to end the media's corrupt participation in the AGAIN. It's time to become a society where news isn't an object of barter for corporate greed. It's time for American news stations to report JUST THE FACTS, absent of bias and propaganda. I know I am not the only one who feels this way because finally, news stations that share unbiased fact-based news are beginning to pop up.

It’s time-out for the, “my prayers are with the victims”, sentiment that has no corrective action proceeding it. The word of God says FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD.

So it's time-out for dead prayers.

We must turn away from media sources that attempt to divide us with disinformation.

Below is a link to a station that is trying to DO BETTER.

Start there and FIND OTHERS.

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