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An American Hero

What happens when a campaign of misinformation, promoted by a narcissist demagogue, is aided and abetted by his chief of staff and republican congress members who literally LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN to anarchy and chaos?

A watershed moment.

Things become VERY CLEAR, VERY FAST. AMERICAN HEROES are born. And choices are made.

Those who seek to destroy democracy to serve a mad man’s agenda, do just that. And those who believe in the hope of what America can be, stand in opposition to them.

Thank you Eugene Goodman, for standing in opposition.

It is not lost on me that a descendant of slaves stood against the demise of a democracy our ancestors did not receive. But that’s a whole other blog in and of itself.

I digress….

We are living in strange times. “The News”….which was once a hallmark of the second amendment, is now a corrupt corporate tool of propaganda for profit. And because of this, truth has become an object of barter, manipulated by the loudest microphone and highest bidder.

The bravery of one man is celebrated on one network, and demeaned on another.

And I sit and wonder how? How can even this clear act of chivalry be disputed?

The fact is America was always an experiment. Can the many become one? Each an individual, yet united in a sacred belief that still waits in hope to be fulfilled. ....and I wonder if it ever will?

I know this one thing, If we do not join Eugene Goodman and hold the line, IT WON'T.

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