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Death by Bias

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

We can not change Donald Trump. But WE CAN change Policy and we can change Perception.

What bothers me most about our current culture is our inability to disagree without demonizing each other. Either you love something or you hate something and frankly...that's just childish. Things are rarely that simple.

Either I am trying to take away your guns or I believe that American citizens have a right to every firearm known to man. THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS ON IT'S FACE. We have sacrificed balance at the altar of extremism and for the life of me I can not understand WHY?

While I accept that the right to bear arms is a 2nd amendment right, it is not sacrosanct. It must be adhered to within REASON. I have a driver's license. It grants me the right to drive a car. It does NOT grant me the right to drive a car at any speed and in any way I want to, because that would put other lives in danger. The moment we let pride and prejudice surpass reason, we lose. We have made gun ownership a religion. IT IS NOT. Every gun owner is not the enemy and every reasonable attempt to cut down gun violence is not an attempt to end American liberty. Why is it one or the other? WE CAN DO BOTH. We can keep 2nd amendment rights and stop the sale of guns that rival the weaponry law enforcement possesses. Why does your neighbor need a gun that would be assigned to a marine invading a hostile country on a reconnaissance mission? THEY DO NOT.

The same ridiculous thinking has been tied to immigration. Either we believe in open borders or we hate all immigrants. Do you know how asinine that sounds? But those seem to be the choices we are faced with at every election. Either those seeking to immigrate to this country are demonized to the point of zealot fear...that leads to unthinkable horrific acts of violence. Or we destroy our laws, allowing anyone to enter, which creates a whole other set of unfair administrative nightmares. WHERE IS THE MIDDLE GROUND?

I have a plan, how about, we uphold our laws. Those entering illegally no matter what their race, face FAIR humane consequences to their actions. Those seeking asylum, face FAIR judges who consider their plight and render a reasonable judgement. And in the meantime congress works together to make our immigration process better so those coming from all parts of the world are encouraged to migrate to our country LEGALLY rather than disrespecting the laws of our country and coming here illegally. IT CAN BE DONE.

That said, it will not be done in this current climate. We must make a decision as American's that extremism will no longer rule the day.  We must  elect leaders who do not have an immovable bias in one direction or the other. IT CAN HAPPEN. But do they exist?

The republican president demonizes folks to the point of hysterical hate. The progressive democratic candidates immigration plan basically amounts to open borders. NEITHER IS A VIABLE SOLUTION.

This country became great because of the folks who immigrated to this country and the folks like my ancestors who were enslaved and fought to change the policies of this country to make it a better nation for ALL. America can be a beautiful blend of cultures, ideas and talents. Let's improve our immigration system so we can continue to grow as one of the leading nations of the free world. But the way there is not open borders or kids in cages.

Gods, guns and country is NOT Christian. It is not in the word of God and we have to stop pretending that it is. It is a false belief system that justifies fear and perverted nationalism. Your next door neighbor does not need a machine gun assigned to a Navy Seal, nor do you. It is unreasonable, and as any law enforcement officer will tell you it is problematic and puts not only their lives in danger but the lives of innocent American citizens.

We are an intelligent nation. You mean to tell me we can put a man on the moon but not stop the sale of arms and weaponry to people who have no business having it? Nope. We just have to decide to put people over profit and know that our freedom doesn't come at the hands of misguided notions of liberty.

Frankly, I am concerned. Many of the democratic candidates running do not embrace balance. Trump is extreme and democratic candidates have followed suit under the misguided guise of being WOKE. They have let the fringe left determine an agenda that will not garner an electoral college victory, nor should it.

While my favorite candidates are Elizabeth Warren..."she has a plan for that!" And Pete Buttigeig, I am moved by his brilliance and earnest approach to policy. Elizabeth's healthcare plan and stance on illegal immigration are too far left for me. And while I would vote for Mayor Pete in a New York minute, I do not believe America will elect its first openly gay president in this climate. I do however believe that Joe Biden can win the White House and I would sleep well knowing he is in office.

But as long as democrats continue to attack each other over petty ridiculous things and let liberal media push party politics in a far left direction. Americans will have an acute choice in November: A road without balance that only leads to extreme consequences in either direction.

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