How did it come to Kavanaugh?

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

I bet you're wondering how this all happened? How the GOP single handedly sent women rights back to 1991? How we found ourselves watching another accused sexual predator be appointed to the highest court in the land. And how the country we love became so very bitterly divided. 

Well the answer is both simple and maddening. The answer is  cliche' yet profoundly true: Elections have Consequences. 

Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. The election results are in and we now know who voted for this administration and who didn't.

So allow me to address this situation demographically.

To all of the Bernie supporters who were mad that he didn’t win the primary and decided to “sit the 2016 presidential election out”.

To all of those who bought into the Russian “lesser of two evils diatribe” and stayed home as if our very lives weren’t on the line.

To all of the white women who overwhelmingly supported a man who has an obvious animus against women.

To all the Latino/Hispanic voters who for some reason thought when he came down the elevator and announced his candidacy with that racially insensitive rhetoric that it wouldn’t effect you or those you love.

And finally, to all of the Black men who decided not to vote for Hillary because of her husbands crime bill...conveniently forgetting that the Black Congressional Caucus supported and championed that same crime bill.

You are the reason Brett Kavanaugh is now a justice in The Supreme Court of the United States of America. 

I hope it was worth it. Because THIS ADMINISTRATION is NOT playing. They are packing the courts with right wing fanatic judges, destroying families, pissing on our allies, making friends with known enemies and making money hand over fist while doing it. Meanwhile the liberal media is focused on tweets and identity politics.

We are not losing. We lost...and the scary part is only a few of us who pay attention know it. Let me let you in on something, Trump will Appoint a far right Supreme Court Judge. He/She will be sworn in. This administration will facilitate the challenge and removal of: Roe vs Wade, Affirmative Action and Marriage Equality but that’s just the beginning. AFTER Trump fills the Supreme Court seat, if Mueller attempts to bring charges, he will refute it in court and he will win. The people will appeal and the case will go to the Supreme Court where he will win again because he has packed the lower courts and now the highest court in the land with his own.

This feat has not only been diabolical in nature but brilliantly executed. The best con job I’ve seen in a looooong time. Forget divide and conquer...he robbed, exploited, deceived and capitalized all in PLAIN SIGHT. And in terms of federal laws and consequences nothing can be done about it. Not even electing more women and people of color to government positions. Those elections are important but they will only effect you at a state level (which is still significant but NO WHERE NEAR as significant as packing courts with your own judges).

The 2016 presidential election was the only chance to stop it. Even if we win back the senate (which is highly unlikely) we won’t be able to impeach without both the House and the Senate and even if we tried, he stacked the court in his favor. Do you see where I’m going here.....

The time when we can make a small dent in this catastrophe will be 2020 and 2022....and still it will be a small dent because the judges will already be in place and that will effect a generation. So we are talking around the time when Gen Z’s children are voting. Unless of course 4 conservative justices retire while a Democrat is in office and IF we have total control of Congress.... (Big “if’s” though).

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