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In Peace and POWER.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I didn’t know you but I thought of you one day. And I wondered if when you were born some older black woman, filled with the Holy Spirit, came to your mother and told her...”That boys special. God’s hand is on him." Because when I looked at your legacy, in such a short period of time, you did what hadn’t been done before. You played our heroes and then you became one.

From Jackie Robinson to James Brown to Thurgood the Black Panther; You didn’t play characters you embodied icons. And today when I heard of your passing, it felt like a gut punch, or more like a gut check. A reminder: Tomorrow is not promised. Your talent was our gift for a season to remind of us the greatness in us and amongst us. Thank you for living your life in FULL COLOR. Thank you for being excellent at what God gave you to do.

Little brown boys and girls know that they can be excellent because you showed them as Jackie Robinson. They know they can achieve anything because you showed them as Thurgood Marshall. They know that their differences can be their exception to the rule because you showed them as James Brown. And they know that inside of them is a power that can defy the odds because you showed them as T’Challa.

I wanted to see your next act. But God had other plans and you’ve earned your rest.

May it be in Peace and Power Chadwick.

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