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Our Rough Rider...the good and faithful servant.

The last time I saw DMX was in a video of him reading scripture on Facebook Live. He was ministering the word of God. He was nervous but resolute. Gruff yet earnest as he shared the gospel of Christ.

My heart breaks today at the news of his passing, I think a part of me thought he would recover and rebound more on fire than he was before. I figured he’d have some church whose ministry touched lives that traditional preachers will never reach. But that was my plan, those were my thoughts. Apparently God and DMX had something else in mind. I include DMX because....a part of me feels like he was given a choice. Glory now or later...and he chose now. And who could blame him?

The pain he experienced in this life was palpable. You felt it on him.

I literally played his CD, ‘And Then There Was X’, everyday all day in the late 90s, or was it the early 2000’s? His voice was so unique. What a talent! I’m sorry life offered you so much pain. And I imagine you are sorry for the people you hurt because of the pain you were carrying. But I’m glad you got the opportunity to do things that others only dream about and that in the end, you chose HIM. Rest In Peace.

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