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Police Reform: Possibility or a Pipe Dream? (Three Part Interview Series)

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Amidst the Social Unrest and the calls to either REFORM Policing or Defund the Police, I wanted to go Straight to the Source and TALK TO THE POLICE. Today I am speaking with 32 year veteran LAPD retired Police Officer KEVIN DUNIGAN to get THE REAL straight from an officer who policed one of the most Diverse, Onerous cities in our nation: Los Angeles, California. Join me and my Guest Kevin Dunigan for this very needed and necessary discussion. My name is Erin Wiley Sands and you have now entered The AmERINcan.

PART ONE of a (Three Part Series). This episode we discuss: Protect and Serve vs Law Enforcement. Police Culture in the 80s and 90s. The 8 Can’t Wait Campaign.

PART TWO of a (Three Part Series). This episode we discuss: Excessive Use of Force. The Culture of Policing. Should Police Officers share a Background w/the Communities they police?

PART THREE of a (Three Part Series). This episode we discuss: THE THIN BLUE LINE: Are Officer’s Afraid to Police Each Other’s Behavior and What happens when they do? Should we DEFUND the Police or REFORM policing? Should a Special Prosecutor be brought in when there is Police Misconduct?

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