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The Danger of the Liberal Bubble

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

In 2016 you could not have paid me enough money to believe that Donald Trump could EVER be elected president. Mainly because...he is an ignorant narcissist and bully, with no knowledge of civics. And to me, electing him was tantamount to well...electing...."him". But I was in the bubble. The safe, not in a million years bubble. The everyone must see it like I see it bubble. And why not? Cable news is segregated to fit our bias. Social media algorithms are designed to reflect our bias. Every modern structure of information distribution is designed to affirm your current beliefs.

So it is almost impossible not to be disconnected from what the other side of the aisle is thinking unless you make a concerted effort to expand your national/world view. And pretty please refrain from telling me about the popular vote. It matters NOT. As we can all clearly SEE from the man who currently sits in the oval office and the law that still remains in our constitution: Presidential elections are determined via the electoral college.

I'm saying this as a warning. Trump will be elected AGAIN if democrats allow themselves to rest in the luxury of the far left bubble.

The medicare for all thing...too far. The decriminalizing illegal entry into our country thing...too far. I know, I know, he's a racist and he puts kids in cages. I hate it too. Tell many lobbyists do people of color have? Uh-huh...and how many lobbyists do asylum seekers have? Uh-huh. (You know...he just banned that, right?). And who reading this has done anything about that other than re-post a story? Myself included. Well I gave money and I went to a rally but it's not like I stormed the gates and dragged children from the clutches of ICE. And who here remembers liberal media's big Hispanic firewall lie in 2016?

Yeah, as I was saying. We will lose this election if Democrats do things that even vocal people like me who will give money and host a voter registration drive find offensive. Again, please refrain from telling me about polls that you heard on MSNBC. Those same polls predicted a Clinton victory in 2016.

Yes, Russia interfered...and guess what, the democrat majority house has done NOTHING to assure that won't happen again. We're too busy ratifying proclamations that Trump is racist. Which of course is NEW news to everyone. Good thing we did that because if we hadn't his racism would've flown right under the radar and remained a huge secret. vewy quiet...I'm huttin' wabbits.

Trump is an EASY win IF we focus on unifying the country, jobs, education, and infrastructure. But if we continue down this path...say it with me boys and girls...4 more years.

At this point I’d vote for Flava Flave over Donald Trump. And not because of his DISTRACTION tweet about congresswomen. I mean, are his words and his tweets really surprising? Don’t we all know who he is by now? He has worked overtime to show us, giving us proof at almost every turn. So how many times are we gonna let his ignorant tweets DISTRACT from what he is actually doing? 

Trump is gutting scientist at the USDA simply because researched documented FACTS don’t support his pro oligarch agenda. USDA scientist have PERTINENT info on agriculture, how tariffs are affecting farmers and climate change. Research that would force an intelligent administration that truly cares about our country and its citizenry to course correct.

But instead this CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION guts a necessary and important agency in an effort to HIDE the Truth and PUNISH those who tell the truth. Meanwhile liberal journalists continue to take the bait and focus on racist demeaning tweets vs what Trump is actually doing.

It is clear that those who idolize Trump are not doing it based on character or policy. It is based on what he represents to their ego and their cultural paradigm. Trump is last in the line of the Mad Men legacy. The last of the “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset.

He is the gatekeeper of the oligarchy. And if Democrats exit the bubble and begin to talk about the kitchen tables issues close to the hearts of most Americans. Instead of taking the cultural war bait that Trump puppeteers on the regular, we will win in 2020. Yes, the oligarchy will still be in place but only for a time. Even Rome fell.

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