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The Good Snitch

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

It's kind of weird to champion whistleblower Frances Haugen, while still utilizing the platforms that the person she was blowing the whistle on created. Full disclosure, I spend a good amount of time on Facebook and Instagram. That said, I am compelled to speak up. Mr. Zuckerberg and company, while I clearly like your apps, I do not like them more than I like humanity or the peaceful transition of power in the country that is my own.

Mark,...can I call you Mark? Frankly speaking, you’ve been a very very bad greedy boy. So on behalf of humanity and the American people, I'm going to ask you to please stop using an algorithm that spreads hate and feeds division. It’s been a long two years for many of us Mark. A viral plague, this orange dude with really strange hair led an insurrection against democracy, and a bunch of the best of us died. Might you consider using your platform and its algorithm for GOOD?

And if you're at a loss...may I suggest using a percentage of your advertising profits to help create urban gardens, or educational resources for public school teachers in low economic school districts, or support groups for kids who have been depressed and have considered suicide, or maybe cleaning the oceans from all of the crap humans put in it.

In short, do the kinda stuff that makes the world A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYBODY. And about that pesky algorithm, maybe stop making it over promote salacious provocative divisive insidious things. And instead let our news feeds be organic and generated by recent content...not forced content. Just an idea.

Or how about this, imagine your kid wasn’t gonna be a billionaire, what kind of world would you want them to grow up in? Help create THAT WORLD.

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