WHY Shaming without Policy may mean 4 more years of Trump.

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Bill Maher said some thing that I think is important as we round the bin toward the upcoming congressional election and it is KEY to either winning or losing. His statement was this: “Republicans govern without shame and Democrats shame without governing”. Many people on the right and the left are appalled by the actions of this administration to separate families who are attempting to enter the country either for asylum or illegally. We all agree on this: Children should NOT be separated from their families, it puts them at risk for not only experiencing physical and sexual abuse but a profound trauma of which they may never recover.

"Please know this, there are MANY people who don’t go to rallies or vent about the system on social media....who STILL VOTE. And the majority of these people are center right and they are concerned about the border".

So yes, this was a heinous reckless act by this current administration that should be repaired IMMEDIATELY. But guess what else most people agree on: That folks should NOT be able to enter our country illegally. When Democrats focus only on our disgust and anger over these innocent children and leave out the concerns of many American’s regarding protecting our borders, they shame without governing. We create a false reality that only two sides exist, one where we either protect children or we protect our borders.

I know that most Democrat’s in Congress don’t see the issue that way but trust me that IS the perception and TODAY in politics, perception is EVERYTHING. For all of the outrage, the sadness, the rallies, the disgust, WE WILL LOSE AGAIN if we continue to SHAME and BLAME.

What has been done is SHAMEFUL. It should never have happened. I am saddened by this in ways I can not describe but I understand politics better than most. I understand the American collective mindset. Please know this, there are MANY people who don’t go to rallies or vent about the system on social media....who STILL VOTE. And the majority of these people are center right and they are concerned about the border. To make them feel like their concerns are not warranted gives them no place to go but to the right. Hence Trump’s 2016 win.

Right now I see it going the same way. I turn on my tv and I see liberal voters led by democratic congressional leaders protesting the atrocity of what is happening with these children but I see NO democratic congressional leaders talking about immigration reform.

What I’m saying may make you mad....but hear me now or be confused in November when we lose again. Concerns about the border are valid just like our outrage over the treatment of these innocent children is valid. ADDRESS BOTH. TALK ABOUT BOTH. Being angry without coming to the table to compromise will result in more of the same. WE WILL LOSE IN NOVEMBER if all we are doing is pointing fingers. We will lose.

Democratic Congress I’m speaking to YOU. There was a bill on the floor that you just voted down that would have helped some dreamers...no not all but some and would have helped to secure our borders, not in the best or smartest ways but in a few good ways....still, YOU should have voted YES on it. You should have moved the ball forward and then after November modified it to fit what we really want. But you were appalled and self righteous and let that sentiment prevent you from making a deal...that we could have changed down the line.

Now, as the saying goes, “we all in our feelings”, the ten second American attention span will soon be on to the next, history will record you as NOT caring about protecting our borders and in November people will vote for the person addressing their concerns (border security / the economy)...not the child they heard crying on a news story months ago. And Democrats will once again lose an opportunity to put some laws in place that protect those seeking asylum and refuge because we suck at chess. I see it coming...and I’m just shaking my damn head.

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